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Smart locker

Digital lock system for office storage and cabinets, tailored for activity-based and hybrid offices.

Easily installed in existing or new cabinets.

No keys, RFID cards, padlocks, combination locks, or tags required. No need for power, IT integration, or cables.

Provides users with flexibility to find, book, open, and share access via mobile, eliminating the management of keys, RFID cards, or combination locks.

Complete digital overview of usage and availability online. Digital administration streamlines maintenance and administrative costs by up to 95%

Battery Management

Complete overview of usage and battery status online in the admin portal. Take full control and only replace batteries in the cabinets that need it.

– Save time, money, and the environment.

Enjoy a digital process that creates security and streamlines operations.

Awaio Locks

No keys, combination locks, RFID cards, or tags.

Book, share access, and unlock directly in the Awaio smartphone app.

Provide users and administrators with complete visibility of available cabinets and storage.

Admin Portal

Gain comprehensive insights into usage.

  • Real-time utilization data, and availability.
  • Efficiently manage permissions and regulations.
  • Digitally allocate access to users, guests, and visitors.

Easy upgrade and repurpose of existing lockers

Upgrade to a digital lock system in 5 minutes.

Awaio Locks is the first digital smart lock system that enables the reuse of existing office storage and wardrobes. Upgrade and install in 5 minutes with no IT integration, gateways, cabling, or power required.

With Awaio QR code sign, you can easily conceal old keyholes on the cabinet door.

Simple, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

Interior design project with reuse?

Contact us, and we’ll assist you

Awaio Smart Locker

One lock – Multiple functions

Personal lockers and wardrobes

Users locate, reserve, and access as required.
Establish teams, project lockers, and share access with the rest of the team

team & projects

Any locker can be used in a team or project. The users can book and share access without any administration.

person lägger in dator i smart locker

guest & visitors

Handle visitors and drop in guest.

parcel delivery

Manage and distribute IT and other equipment, regardless of schedule and working hours.

Normal locks vs Awaio Smart Lock System


Normal locks

  • Manual administration and maintenance. 
  • 40% of the cabinets are inactive and not in regular use. 
  • Equal to o,5m2 of unused space 
  • No data or space management insights 

Awaio Smart lockers

  • 100% overview of usage 
  • 90% admin savings by self service 
  • 46% reduced purchase over time 
  • Reduced footprint through circular usage
office lockers

Data & insight

When are the peaks – Whats in use – To many or to few cabinets – What types are most popular? Get knowledge and make informed decisions. Battery data for efficient and smooth maintenance and minimal waste.



Easy Installation

One lock – requires only a smartphone and bluetooth. Upgrade and install in 5 minutes in both new and existing wooden cabinets.

Requires no gateways, no wi-fi & no IT-integration

the power of smart lockers

While smart locks focus on access control, our smart locker solutions are tailored to meet the demands of the modern office environment. Awaio smart locker can be integrated into both new and existing cabinets, offering a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes.

Get started

Smart Cabinet Lock

  • Installed in minutes in new or existing cabinets
  • Shipped with battery included
  • Unlock through bluetooth in Awaio app

Software license

  • Digital key, book & share remotely
  • Realtime overview of available lockers
  • Digital Web administration & data – inclusive battery levels per lock
  • Unlimited number of of users

*  1 year license/lock

Office Map *

  • Instant overview of the office
  • Wayfinding
  • Setup from PDF or DWG

*  recommended

All prices excl. VAT

Frequently asked questions

How do I install my new Awaio Smart Lockers System?

First of all, welcome to Awaio! We are glad you are on this journey with us. In this video you can see the installation process. One lock simply needs Bluetooth and a smartphone. Both new and old wooden cabinets can be upgraded and installed in 5 minutes.

When should I change batteries?

The app collects battery data from all locks and reports this to the Web portal. The user will get a warning in the Awaio App when the battery is getting low. If you forget to change the battery, the smart lock will open itself as a last action.

What can an admin user do?

An admin can: 

  • Always unlock all the locks 
  • See who as booked a locker 
  • See who has opened a locker
  • Release lockers when needed

What battery does your smart locks need?

The battery type is CR123 & we recommend using professional batteries ex. Duracell Procell CR123.

How does the battery management process work?

  1. Admin gets a “warning” notification in the web portal. – e.g Change the battery on the specific lock, within a couple of months.
  2. If the battery is not changed, admin will eventually receive an e-mail marked as ‘critical’ e.g change battery within a closer period of time.
  3. The user receives a notification in the app that the battery needs to be changed. – Contact the service team for assistance, or change the battery by themselves.
  4. If no one has acted on the alerts. As a last resort the lock will auto unlock itself to avoid hassle.