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Your office solution - smart lockers - digital wayfinding - desk management - room booking - parking - Insights & data - workplace communication

The hybrid working solution

Smart Locks

A cutting-edge digital self-service locker system

Designed for both office and wardrobe cabinets. Easy to install in existing or new cabinets, this innovative solution allows users to locate, reserve, and unlock lockers with their smartphones.

Experience the convenience of remote booking and access sharing, with comprehensive data insights on usage.

By adopting this system, you’ll enjoy a remarkable 95% reduction in maintenance and administrative costs for your lockers. Bid farewell to traditional keys, RFID cards, padlocks, combination locks, or tags. Plus, there’s no requirement for a power supply, IT integration, or cables.

Upgrade your locker experience with simplicity and efficiency.

Room booking

Designed for hybrid and activity-based offices.

Discover the market’s best and most cost-effective room booking system without digital meeting room screens, cables, or network connections. Save money and the environment with Awaio QR code signs.

100% flexible during office changes or relocation. Integrated with Google, Microsoft, and MTR.

Why spend money on digital meeting room screens and expensive installation costs when you have the best screen on your mobile phone?

The future’s sustainable workplace is here, tailored to your needs.

Desk Management

The perfect match for your new hybrid workday with key features to enhance workplace efficiency

  • Employees can plan and book their workspace.
  • Employees can find colleagues, book a desk, and work together.
  • Employees can check in or book ad-hoc via QR codes.
  • Administrators can plan and allocate workspaces.

Data and statistics for mapping and further development of the space.

No sensors, cables, or network connections.

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kontor planlösning

Workplace communication

Make it easier for employees to stay updated.

Communicate news, events, and other activities that enhance employee satisfaction and support the balance between work and personal life

  • Office News
  • Workplace Guides
  • Events & large meetings
  • App or Web-Links

Digital Wayfinding

Imagine having a complete live overview of all resources and spaces with the Awaios wayfinding system. Find, navigate, and book the best available workspace with just a few clicks, no matter where you are

awaio wayfinding

Welcome to Awaio


A versatile system for the hybrid way of working. Complete real-time overview to plan, find, and book rooms, desks, cabinets, and everything else.

Office buildings – CRE

The platform seamlessly enables resource sharing among tenants. Plan, book, find, and share access - Smart, circular, and scalable


Create your own local office hub, fostering networking, business, and contributing to reduced commuting

Office community

Share offices and resources with other companies. Circular at its best – saving both money and the planet.

Data driven decision making.

Web-based admin portal offers real-time insights on:

Room types, lockers, desks, and resource usage, aiding informed decisions for an optimal office environment.

Office managers and admins have full visibility and can easily make updates.

Service bookings and resource allocations are streamlined with just a few clicks.


Hybrid work and circular economy are a symbiosis.

Empower employees with the freedom to work and book resources as needed, a natural path for the circular use of office resources.

A sustainable and intelligent workplace that attracts talent.

Technology with a focus on the environment 

Reduce electronic waste, lower energy consumption, and optimize resource utilization through QR code systems and a digital platform.

  • 100% scalability
  • No footprint for gateways, sensors, and digital displays.
  • Significant savings in procurement and installation
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance
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