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Workplaces where teams companies coworkers tenants people

want to meet

One app that brings together all the essentials of the modern workplace.

Smart Locks

Recycling – The first self-service, smart locker system that enables reuse and installation in new and existing office cabinets. The system reduces maintenance costs & saves up to 90% of all administration.

Room booking

Don’t waste money on digital displays and high installation fees, when the best screen is in your pocket! We’ve got you covered with everything you need for a state of the art room booking system, no tablets, cables, or gateways required.

Space Management

No more frustrated people running around the office looking for an available working spot. Empower your users by letting them book their working spot before they arrive to work. Add QR-codes for easy check-in or assign a fixed desk.


Don’t waste time on group e-mails. Reach out and highlight info around your workplace.

  • Office News
  • Workplace Guides
  • Events & large meetings
  • App or Web-Links


Stop running around looking for green lamps. Stand where you are, the best screen is your pocket. Get a complete live overview of your workplace. Find, navigate & book the best available spot in the office map.


Welcome to Awaio


Find, book & share meeting rooms, lockers and much more with employees and colleagues in one or more locations


Find, book & share meeting rooms, lockers and much more between tenants in office buildings


Create your local office hub or showroom and invite coworkers and users.

shared community

Share furnished office space with other companies, invite each other and enhance collaboration.
Circularity at its best, saves money and the planet.

promote the office

Make it easier for employees to stay updated on important events.

Communicate news, hybrid working guides, after work events and other activities that increase employee satisfaction and supports work-life balance.

All these small aspects that enhance creativity and performance in the hybrid work era


By empowering the circular use of existing office resources, your company make the most of what it already has and saves money at the same time.

Taking you closer to a net zero emissions future

say hello to flexibility and no carbon footprint

A full fledge smart office system without the need to invest in booking tablets, cables, IOT gateways and sensors.

Get the benefits of reduced electricity costs and no maintenance

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“We wanted to create an attractive office without any unnecessary costs, and where employees, customers and partners can easily come and work.”

Bengt Boissier, Agreat

Your own branded app

Attract existing and future talents by creating your own branded workplace app.


Join our flexible subscription service – Choose the resources you need and unlock the power of your branded workplace app today.

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