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Find. Book. Share.

The awaio app lets you book and share offices for a smarter work life. Make your workplace easier, more fun and more profitable, by sharing your office.

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We are the solution for your working day needs.

Be able to work anywhere you want, when you want.  

The technology makes it easy to activate your office. 

Discover the simplicity of Awaio

– a natural part of your office

The Market

Here you can find a galaxy of offices! This is where you find and book all available offices.

Share in all levels 

Organize your workplace so that it becomes more accessible to those who use it.
Basically, Awaio is a booking platform with unlimited creativity what can be booked and shared.




Share, book and find workspaces, meeting rooms, parking spots, bicycles and other resources within your company.

The Neighbourhood

Create your community, share competencies and get inspired by co-workers and friends.

The Market

Here you can find a galaxy of offices! This is where you find and book all available offices.

Awaio highlights

Pretty smart guide

Match your needs with the function of the office.


Optimise your calendar by matching your meetings with the perfect locations.


Find co-workers and teams depending on what your location is for the day.


Pay and get paid via the app. Less administration and larger share-out.


Does your company have unused office space?

In the awaio app you can share your available workspaces and meeting rooms to other companies.
Awaio makes it easy, cost-effective and sustainable. Just how it’s supposed to be.

Awaio Locks

Storage and access is easily solved with Awaio Locks. The lock is easy to install and is managed via the awaio app.


Don’t waste
your space

We make your office suit your life,
rather than your life suit the office. 


We think that your workplace should be a place where you feel
the most comfortable, inspired and productive.
The recent time has shown us that we actually can work from anywhere
– and that it even makes us feel good!

We are quite simply not as tied to a place as we once thought. Furthermore, currently 90% of all office space is unused. While new office buildings are being constructed. This puts an enormous strain on the environment.

We have created a platform that enables a sustainable solution for any office worker by utilising existing resources. We make it possible to create the office of the future. We here at awaio want to help make workplaces smart, easy and fun!