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Now you can book one of our demo lockers with smart locks and get full access to the entire Awaio platform for two months.

This is for companies that is curious about upgrading and digitizing their office and that has realized that the manual handling of keys, code locks and RFID tags costs time, money and space.

During the period, the test group also gets access to a complete digital overview of the entire office via mobile app, web app and admin portal.

Take the chance to modernize your office with Awaio’s comprehensive solutions.

Contact us today to book one of our highly sought after demo cabinets.

Click here to contact us and start your trial period.

Smart Locks

A cutting-edge digital self-service locker system

Designed for both office and wardrobe cabinets. Easy to install in existing or new cabinets, this innovative solution allows users to locate, reserve, and unlock lockers with their smartphones.

Experience the convenience of remote booking and access sharing, with comprehensive data insights on usage.

By adopting this system, you’ll enjoy a remarkable 95% reduction in maintenance and administrative costs for your lockers. Bid farewell to traditional keys, RFID cards, padlocks, combination locks, or tags. Plus, there’s no requirement for a power supply, IT integration, or cables.

Upgrade your locker experience with simplicity and efficiency.