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Desk Management

Navigating the challenges of a hybrid work model?

Discover the perfect match for your new workday with Awaio! Our data reveals that dynamic desk utilization is a game-changer in optimizing offices for the future.

Empower your team with the freedom to work remotely, while seamlessly enhancing workplace efficiency with these key features:

  • Users plan, book, and schedule workplace usage
  • Administrators plan and assign resources
  • Instant QR-code check-in by user

Say goodbye to the traditional office setup and embrace the future of work!

Workplace management

The offices will be 50% smaller according to researchers and experts in the field due to hybrid work.

Desks and personal office storage have the lowest utilization rate of all office resources and are often left unused.

This means that this is where the largest and most effective savings can be found.

Offer your team the freedom to work remotely while increasing workplace efficiency by implementing dynamic desk and office storage usage.

Key Features:

  • Overview of all desks and cabinets in real-time directly on mobile.
  • Let them plan and book as needed.
  • Administer and assign access digitally.
  • Access usage data & gain insight into future attendance.

Where can I work and is the team present?

Employees plan and book their workspace. Admins can also allocate workspaces.

Quick book

Quick check-in? Reserve instantly using the QR code.


Locate your colleague or team and reserve a workspace nearby. Utilize digital wayfinding for quick navigation, book your workspace, find your workstation.

Schedule ahead

Plan and book your workspace for a day or plan for next week. Discover what your team or colleague is planning for the upcoming week and reserve a space nearby.

desk management is suitable for businesses of all sizes

Small firms & startups

Small firms and startups often have dynamic teams and varying schedules, making desk booking an ideal choice to accommodate flexibility while keeping costs in check.

It also fosters a collaborative and agile work environment.

Mid-Sized Companies

In the hybrid work era, workplace management is vital for mid-sized companies. Efficient space use is key as offices evolve. Desk booking systems offer flexibility and resource optimization, crucial for balancing remote and in-office work while controlling costs


Workplace management is essential for big firms with multiple offices and a large staff. Dynamic scheduling enhances productivity, wellbeing, and saves money.

Empower your organization

Awaios Desk Management system enhances the potential of office spaces.

It reduces costs, boosts productivity, and provides employees with necessary flexibility. In an era of new work methodologies like hybrid work, hotdesking, free-seating, activity-based offices, and flexible workspaces, the system ensures dynamic allocation of workstations.

Awaios Desk Management system is a strategic partner in the evolving work landscape. It improves the workplace experience, fosters well-being, collaboration, and adaptability for employees

Data & Insights

When are the peaks – Whats in use – What type of rooms are most popular?

If we have vacancies, maybe invite others to our office community?


Easy desk booking system

Get your state of the art desk management system, needs only a smartphone.

Upgrade and install in minutes, no tablets, no cabling, or gateways required.

Desk management – Get started 

Make collaboration a breeze, start your community and make your office bookable today.

Desk management

49€ / month
  • Up to 20 workstations
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Assignment or self-service

Office Map *

  • Instant overview of the office
  • Wayfinding
  • Setup from PDF or DWG

*  per floor

QR-code sticker

  • Quick-book with QR
  • No cabling or installation required
  • Easy check-in

* recommended

Desk management

490kr / måned
  • Opptil 20 arbeidsplasser
  • Ubegrenset antall brukere
  • Tildeling eller selvbetjening

Office Map *

  • Fullstendig oversikt i sanntid
  • Wayfinding
  • Oppsett fra PDF eller DWG

*  per floor

QR-code sticker

  • Hurtigbestilling med QR
  • Ingen kabling eller installasjon nødvendig
  • For enkel innsjekking”

Desk management

490kr / månad
  • Upp till 20 arbetsplatser
  • Obegränsat antal användare
  • Tilldela eller självbetjäning

Office Map *

  • Komplett översikt i realtid
  • Wayfinding
  • Setup från PDF or DWG

* Per floor

QR-code sticker

  • Snabb bokning med QR
  • Ingen kabeldragning eller installation krävs
  • För enkel incheckning

All prices excl. VAT

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management system

    Frequently asked questions

    What is desk booking, and why is it important for modern workplaces?

    Desk booking is a system where employees can reserve specific desks in an office. It’s crucial for modern workplaces because it offers flexibility, optimizes space, empowers employees, encourages collaboration, ensures health and safety, and provides data-driven insights for better workspace management.

    What are the benefits of desk sharing

    Desk sharing, also known as hot desking, offers several advantages:

    Cost Saving –  It reduces office space requirements, saving on rent and maintenance costs.

    Efficiency – Office space is used more effectively, reducing waste.

    Flexibility – Employees can choose their workspace, enhancing productivity.

    Collaboration: It fosters spontaneous interactions and teamwork.

    Adaptability: Easily accommodates changes in workforce size and structure.

    Resource Optimization: Maximizes the use of furniture and technology.

    Remote Work Support: Provides occasional workspace for remote workers.

    Employee Satisfaction: Offers flexibility and variety in the work environment.

    Data-Driven Insights: Provides valuable data for workspace planning.

    Hygiene and Safety: Supports cleanliness and health measures in the workplace.

    What is hot desking?

    Hot desking is a flexible office workspace arrangement where employees do not have assigned desks or workstations. Instead, they choose an available desk or workspace when they arrive at the office for the day or for a specific period. The concept is based on the idea that employees do not need a dedicated desk, as they may not be in the office every day due to remote work or varying work schedules.