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Streamline your office

One platform, for all office services. Find, book & share; meeting rooms, desks, cabinets & parking lots.

Save money & planet

QR codes instead of expensive booking screens, sensors or gateways.

Digital locks for office cabinets

Lost keys, tags and RFID cards are a thing of the past. With Awaio it’s a digital key with self service.

Get data on utilization

Save up to 40% of all office space by sharing desks and cabinets.

Inspire your team to meet

Create office happenings to celebrate success or just a lovely breakfast an ordinary Tuesday.


Book a meeting room on the go

A booking service always close at hand. Book a desk, a meeting room or an office cabinet on the way to work. 

Stay flexible

Cloud based solution

Save money

Cost-efficient from day one

Share your office

Invite customers and partners

Our features
for a smoother worklife. 


Who’s at the office?

Easy to see who has checked in at the office. Add your team members – “favorites” and start collaborate on site


See what’s available and book 

Find and/or book any office resource on the map. The map indicates what’s available. Any resource can be highlighted


No-show notices

New plans for the day? The No-show notices help your team to set all unused resources free, when nobody appear. 

Add everything

Add any type of office resource to make them visible and/or bookable for all users; desks, meeting rooms, cabinets, office pods & parking lots


Book with a click

Find & book available desks, meeting rooms or storages with and click & share it with your colleagues


Your personal planner

With your Awaio planner it easy to get an overview of your plans. You can even integrate your planner with your personal calendar in Google or Microsoft 365.

“We wanted to create an attractive office without any unnecessary costs, and where employees, customers and partners can easily come and work.”
Bengt Boissier, Agreat

Awaio Locks

Recycling – The market’s only digital locking system that is advantageously installed in existing office cabinets.
The system reduces maintenance costs & saves up to 90% of all administration.


Integrations with Microsoft and Google

No more passwords

Fast login with your existing working account.


Plan your day at the office; book a meeting room or a desk by using your calendar in Awaio.


Meeting Room bookings

Microsoft 365 Meeting room bookings. Shortly, Google will be launched.

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