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With Awaio, you lower your costs by sharing your office. Together with Awaio, you manage your office space while improving your company’s liquidity. In addition, you provide your employees with a new perspective by offering them new workplaces and contacts.

9 out of 10
square metres
are not being used

This fact is from IVA´s report “Resurseffektivitet & cirkulär ekonomi”, February 2020 as well as Fjellander. L. et al 2019, “Rapport C3711.
Delningens potential”, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.


Should we be building more office buildings?


Percentage of the property sector´s global CO2-emission.


The heating of detached houses is comparable to the total, global amount of newly constructed office properties per annum.


Estimated percentage of used space in our offices in Sweden. NB: this data is from before the pandemic.

Social responsibility


Many of us spend up to a third of our lives in the office. That obviously means that the office is very important to us. We enjoy working in offices because we can be together with our colleagues in a creative environment. Having said that, many find that the day-to-day can become routine and this can, worst case scenario, lead to reduced motivation. People who have the flexibility and freedom to choose where and when they want to work, often experience increased well-being. In addition, many find the commute between home and office stressful and quite simply feel relieved to avoid it every now and again. The redefining of what an office is, has gathered a lot of momentum in the past year. Awaio helps you define your office yourself.





Start sharing your office. A bit of sharing is better than no sharing.
We help you manage your office space, as well as optimise it.

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