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Smart Locks

The first self-service, smart locker system that enables reuse and installation in new and existing office cabinets. You can easily book, share, assign or re-assign a locker with the Awaio workplace app

Awaio Locks

Hybrid work requires smart lockers

The demand for self service systems where users assign and reassign lockers with real-time occupancy data are essential.


Easily book, share, assign or re-assign a locker with a simple click, without the need for manual administration.

Say goodbye to keys, cards, and administration

No more lost keys or cards. Get insight of unused lockers or easily release lockers when employees quit.

One lock – multiple functions

Personal lockers

Employees can find & book lockers, give access remotely to a colleague.

Team & Projects

Any locker can be used in a team or project. The users can book and share access without any administration.

Guest & visitors

Handle visitors and drop in guest.

Parcel delivery

Manage and distribute IT and other equipment, regardless of schedule and working hours.

One System

The Awaio smart lock is the ultimate solution to simplify your workplace management. Install Awaio Locks for a seamless and user friendly experience. The Awaio workplace app allows you to manage and share various office spaces like work areas, meeting rooms, car pools and more.

With a digital lock specifically designed for the app, you can securely share access to cabinets without the need to switch platforms. The locks are easy to install and integrate into your existing or new cabinets.

Data & Insight

When are the peaks – Whats in use – To many or to few cabinets – What types are most popular? Get knowledge and make informed decisions. Battery data for efficient and smooth maintenance and minimal waste.



Easy installation

One lock – requires only a smartphone and bluetooth. Upgrade and install in 5 minutes in both new and existing wooden cabinets.

Retrofit or new?

Make collaboration a breeze, start your community today…

Smart Cabinet Lock

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Self-serviced
  • Install in new or existing cabinets

*  1 year license included

Smart Cabinet Lock

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Self-serviced
  • Install in new or existing cabinets

*  3 year license included

Office Map *

  • Instant overview of the office
  • Wayfinding
  • Setup from PDF or DWG

*  recommended

Frequently asked questions

How do I install my new Awaio locks?

First of all, welcome to Awaio! We are glad you are on this journey with us. In this video you can see the installation process. One lock simply needs Bluetooth and a smartphone. Both new and old wooden cabinets can be upgraded and installed in 5 minutes.

When should I change batteries?

The app collects battery data from all locks and reports this to the Web portal. The user will get a warning in the Awaio App when battery is getting low. If you forget to change the battery, the lock will open it self as a last action.

What can an admin user do?

An admin can:

  • always unlock all the locks.
  • See who as booked a locker
  • See who has opened a locker.
  • Release lockers when needed.