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Statkraft Commitment

With a commitment to sustainability, resource economy and modern technology, Statkraft has upgraded and digitized their existing office cabinets with Awaio Locks by reusing existing office cabinets.

After a short visit to the carpenter, the cabinets have returned with many new functions, renewed relevance and a longer lifespan.

Re-design and new value

After re-designing the old, larger cabinets, the new cabinets appear spacious, with plenty of space for personal belongings, as well as storage for keyboards and other equipment.

Our society has a large surplus of storage furniture in various forms. Due to changed working methods, digitization and the reduction in the use of paper, the need for such furniture has completely changed.

By reusing and upgrading existing cabinets, Statkraft shows great commitment to sustainability and resource management. This reduces the need to produce new materials and minimizes their environmental footprint. At the same time, it saves time and costs by avoiding complete replacement of the cabinet infrastructure.

The purpose was to create new value from something that already exists.

Pioneering step with Awaio Locks

Statkraft has also taken a pioneering step towards modern technology by implementing Awaio Smart Locks.

The implementation of Awaio Locks on existing cabinets represents a technological advance that both improves efficiency and the user experience.

With smart locks, employees can easily find, share and unlock their lockers using smartphones. This eliminates the need for traditional keys or access cards, and provides a more practical and secure solution.

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Hybrid Approach

This hybrid approach demonstrates Statkraft’s ability to think innovatively and solve complex challenges in a creative way. By combining the reuse of existing resources with the implementation of modern technology, they show the way for a more sustainable and technological future.

Environmental Impact

The result is fantastic and very impressive.

Reduced the environmental impact of the project by approx. 79.2 CO2 equivalents* per reused cabinet. *

*Estimate based on sustainability report for Space E at Lilleaker /21/02/2022.



  • Society has an enormous surplus of storage furniture in various forms.
  • Increasing digitization and the reduction in the use of paper are changing the need.
  • New working environment concepts entail other needs for personal storage

Purpose & Implementation:

  • The purpose was to create new value from something that already exists
  • Re-design white cabinets with hinged doors and code locks
  • Upgrade existing cabinets with a digital solution


  • Significantly reduced administration costs when operating the cabinets with Awaio Locks
  • Self-service locking system with multiple functions
  • The furniture and materials have a longer lifespan, while at the same time serving a new function
  • Spacious cupboards that provide plenty of space for personal belongings, keyboards and other equipment.