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Awaio Locks enters Aker Brygge.

Aker Brygge is an intimate and vibrant part of Oslo, with a clear quality profile, enriched by a unique and diverse offer in trade and serving. From an industrial port with shipyards and oil production to the Oslo people’s meeting place for nightlife and business, the district has been through an incredible journey.

Norwegian Property Wardrobes

In the midst of all this, Awaio has installed Awaio Locks in Norwegian Property’s wardrobe lockers so that all their tenants can manage their own lockers in their own Community.

Unique sharing plattform

Awaio has a unique sharing platform where you can mix internal companies and external companies within the same building or office with possibilities and flexibilities to sharing spaces and workplace resources. Tenants can login in with their different company accounts from Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace.

With the unique sharing platform, the various companies can share, book and open common wardrobes in their individual Communities.

Everything seamlessly and easily connected in the same solution.

awaio smart locker

Mix of new and old cabinets

In the project, both older existing wardrobes have been upgraded with Awaio Smart Locks, and new wardrobes have been delivered with smart locks from Awaio.

Old wardrobes have thus been given a new lease of life and have become smarter over time. This is great for both the environment, administration costs and ease of use.

This mix of new and old combined with Awaio technology makes this a very special and unique project.

It is Awaio that makes this possible by the fact that our locks can be installed in both existing and new cabinets.

Saving 95% administration

Norwegian Property have chosen Awaio Locks for their new shared wardrobes. Lost keys, tags and RFID cards are things of the past, with Awaio Locks Self-service system they minimize administration with 95% and get valuable data of usage.

Norwegian Property

Norwegian Property ASA is a property company established in May 2006 with headquarters at Aker Brygge, Oslo. We are a pure and fully integrated real estate company with properties located mainly in the Oslo area; where we own, develop and manage the company’s properties.