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Itera – Locks, Workplaces and Meeting rooms – All in One

Itera in Oslo, Norway can now easily find, book and share their office cabinets, workplaces and meeting rooms with a complete overview of the availability.

With a self-service locker system employees easily book, share, assign or re-assign a office cabinets with a simple click, without the need for manual administration.

Depending on employees needs they find colleague, book a desk and work together. They can also book available seat in advance or in the moment, all supported by QR-sticker to identify desks and quickly bookings.

Meeting rooms are integrated with Microsoft calender, and of course employees find and book these in the same plattform. Meeting rooms are also supported with eco-friendly and affordable QR Meeting Room Signs.

As the icing on the cake, Itera also have officemap and wayfinding feature that shows availability on all their resources.

And not to forget the simplicity of reaching out and highlight info around their Itera workplace like Office News, Workplace Guides, Events & large meetings, and even other App or Web-Links

All of this makes Awaio a perfect match for Itera’s new hybrid workday.

Itera – Make a difference