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Room Booking

Going green has never been easier.

Don’t waste money on digital displays and high installation fees, when the best screen is in your pocket! We’ve got you covered with everything you need for a state of the art room booking system, no tablets, cables, or gateways required.

Talk about a win-win for Mother Nature and your budget.

Room booking

Your smartphone is the screen.

Tired of running around and searching for a green light and a free room? Relax – now everything is at the tip of your fingers. Get instant overview wherever you are of available rooms that suits your purpose. Make a quick book for a spontaneous meeting by shooting the QR Sign when being outside a room.

Design your room booking sign

Installing Awaio provides an opportunity to design your own QR code signs to match the aesthetic of the surrounding space.

Say hello to flexibility and no carbon footprint

Imagine a full fledge room booking system without the need to invest in room booking tablets, cables, IOT gateways and sensors. Get the benefits of reduced electricity costs and no maintenance. A small step to become a net zero emission company.

Video conference

When booking a room in Awaio we connect the room directly to Microsoft Teams (MTR) and Google Meet hardwares.

Room booking

Spontaneous meeting? Quickly book a room with the QR sign. Not in the office? Schedule your meetings and rooms on the go.


Use the office map for an instant overview of available and suitable rooms.

Microsoft or Google

Integrate with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, invite users and start booking.

Room booking by Awaio


We do it differently. Awaio offers all the features of traditional room booking systems, but without the need for hardware installation. It’s designed to be used in any office regardless of the internal technology each company uses, be it Microsoft or Google.

Sharing rooms between organizations is possible, making collaboration a breeze. It opens up new possibilities for companies looking to work together in shared spaces. Say goodbye to hardware installations and hello to increased collaboration and efficiency!

The all in one workplace platform

Data & Insights

When are the peaks – Whats in use – What type of rooms are most popular?

If we have vacancies, maybe invite others to our office community?


Easy room booking system

Get your state of the art room booking system, needs only a smartphone. Upgrade and install in minutes, no tablets, no cabling, or gateways required.

Start booking with Awaio today

Make collaboration a breeze, start your community and make your office bookable today.

Room booking

9.9/ month
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Perfect for all types of rooms
  • Integrated with Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

Office Map *

  • Instant overview of the office
  • Wayfinding
  • Setup from PDF or DWG

*  recommended

QR-code Signs *

  • Quick-book with QR
  • No cabling or installation required
  • Aluminium or black 20 x 12 cm

* recommended


Awaio Room Booking