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Sporveien have chosen Awaio Locks for their office in Oslo, Norway.

Imagine one place that brings together all the essentials of the modern workplace. Collaborate with colleagues and team members, make reservations on your favorite work spot. Find, book and share what you prefer in your community; from rooms, desks to lockers with a complete overview of the availability.

Easily book, share, assign or re-assign a locker with a simple click, without the need for manual administration.

reality with *non smart locks.

  • Manual administration and maintenance.
  • 40% of the cabinets are inactive and not in regular use.
  • Equal to o,5m2 of unused space
  • No data or space management insights


  • 100% overview of usage
  • 90% admin savings by self service
  • 46% reduced purchase over time
  • Reduced footprint through circular usage

Sporveien is Norway’s largest provider of public transport measured in number of journeys. Sporveien is 100 percent owned by Oslo municipality. In the subsidiaries Sporveien Trikken, Sporveien T-banen and Unibuss, 217 million single journeys were made in 2022.