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Awaio workplace app

Awaio workplace app make it easy for you to collaborate with colleagues and your team members while reserving your favorite spots in the office.

With Awaio workplace app, you can easily plan, find, and book various resources, ranging from meeting rooms, workspaces, parking spaces, to lockers.

hybrid workspace

Space Management with Awaio Workplace app

Space management includes everything from efficient resource booking to the analysis of user patterns that optimize the office.

Create an environment that gradually and seamlessly adapts to the changing needs of the business while promoting productivity, well-being, and cost savings in the modern workplace

Promote the office with Awaio Workplace App

Awaio understands that your company’s identity goes beyond its appearance. It visually represents your company and involves your culture, products, services, mission, values, and much more. With the assistance of the Awaio workplace app, you can enhance your company profile even further by providing unique descriptions for your office resources. This customization enables you to create a tailored experience that aligns perfectly with your organization’s needs and preferences.

Seamless Collaboration

Experience the convenience of a single platform that brings every team together for seamless collaboration, communication, and teamwork.

  • Connect with your community effortlessly.
  • Collaborate effectively with your team or favorite colleagues.
  • Share your work status, whether you’re in the office or working from home.
  • Stay in touch through various communication channels such as chat, calls, Facetime, Teams, and email, all within our user-friendly workplace app.


Awaio workplace app ensures that you can be connected and informed anytime, anywhere, making communication easy. Don’t waste time on group e-mails. Reach out and highlight info around your workplace.

  • Office News
  • Workplace Guides
  • Events & large meetings
  • App or Web-Links

Data & insights

How do you optimize your office space for high-demand periods? Which types of rooms, lockers, desks, or other resources are in high demand? And, perhaps most importantly, what resources are not being used? Get insights and make informed decisions to create a more appealing and efficient office environment using the Awaio workplace app.

Who’s In The Office?
With Awaio workplace app, it’s easy to get real-time information about who is currently in the office. You can check who has logged in, add your team members or favorites, and start collaborating in person.

Check Availability and Make Reservations
Discover and reserve available office resources effortlessly with Awaio workplace app. Utilize the digital wayfinding system to easily locate all resources.

Boost your office 

Who is at the office?

With Awaio, office monitoring is easy. You can see who has checked in at the office. Add your team and favorites and start collaborating on-site.

Locate your meetings effortlessly

Avoid wasting time searching for your next meeting room and workstation with digital wayfinding.

Book with a single click through Awaio Workplace App.

Find and book available desks, meeting rooms, or smart lockers.

Your Personal Planner

Using your Awaio workplace app, you can effortlessly access an overview of your plans. You can even integrate your planner with your personal Google or Microsoft 365 calendar.

Explore the potential of the Awaio Workplace App

At Awaio, we understand the importance of the office for team productivity and well-being. With our Workplace app, you can customize or relocate your workspace to create a tailored office environment with the necessary flexibility.

Why do you need Awaio workplace app?

Awaio helps you enhance your workplace. We enable you to optimize office spaces, save costs, and effortlessly manage meeting rooms and workspaces to boost productivity.

Invite others to your workplace

Avoid unused office spaces, share them with reliable people to save money. This way, you can make your workplace more flexible and cost-effective for everyone.

Questions about Awaio Workplace App

How do I get started with Awaio Workplace app?

It’s done in three steps:

  1. Create your workplace community in the app
  2. Add your meeting rooms, parking spaces or desks
  3. Then invite users and start booking!

You can also choose add-ons like integrations to Google or Microsoft Room Booking, add an Office map for easy way-finding, and order optional QR-code-signs or QR-stickers.

How does Awaio Workplace App work?

The Awaio workplace app enhances the utilization of available space. This is accomplished through various strategies, which can include:

Meeting Room Booking: This allows people to easily book meeting rooms or workspaces when they need them.

Data & Insights: By analyzing data from the workplace app, you can gain insights into how the space is used and optimize accordingly.

Office Space Planning: With the Awaio workplace app, you can efficiently arrange furniture and resources to optimize space.

Flexible Work Environments: Offering various work areas, such as open office layouts, quiet rooms, and common areas, allows employees to choose the most suitable place to work.

Cost Reduction: Through the workplace app, you can manage your office spaces, helping to lower costs by minimizing unnecessary use of space and resources.