Share your office, share your rent

Awaio helps lower your costs by sharing your office. Together with awaio, you manage your available office space, improve your company liquidity and give your employees a new perspective.

Why share?

Today, office rent is one of the big expenses for many companies. Awaio uses existing office space and makes sure we manage buildings more efficiently, whilst creating the opportunity for companies to both save and make money. In addition, our social life is richer and our personal development increases, when we share. At the same time, you will strengthen the relationship with your employees by offering them the possibility of a more free work life.

Save money

Is your office too big? By joining Awaio, you can invite others to share your office space. You can save money by letting others use your space.


Make money

Is your property a prerequisite for your business idea? For example, if you are in the hotel, restaurant or property industry, by joining Awaio, you can create new ways of using your space and as a result,
make money.


Adapt your office to your needs

Awaio makes it possible to adapt existing space to different needs. Why let unused space, workstations or meeting rooms go to waste? Share the space and the cost. That way, small businesses needing office space, can find their space and grow together with creators and entrepreneurs.



We would love to answer your questions! Contact us and we will get back to you. Tell us about your company, the challenges you might be facing, and describe your needs and requirements.

What does
actually mean?

To us sustainable means several things. Above all, it is a circular perspective and using what already exists. No matter how one sees it, we are putting a strain on the environment when we build new buildings.

That is why we want to rethink!

At the same time, we are seeing a shifting the work life. It is becoming less and less important where one works – or perhaps it is more important than ever? We are living in an increasingly mobile and flexible world, where employees and employers enjoy synergies, development and change of environment. Should this not be reflected in our workplaces?
We think so.


Start sharing your office – a bit of sharing is better than no sharing.  We help you manage your space, as well as optimising it.