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The new hybrid working life.

When Intrum planned to move to new offices at Lysaker in Oslo, they wanted a versatile system for their new hybrid way of working.

Their desire was a platform that contained a complete real-time overview to plan, find, and book rooms, desks, cabinets, pluss other office resources that would facilitate the employees’ everyday life. 

In awaio they found the solution. 

Kinder egg for both users and admin people

Like a good Kinder egg, the Awaio platform combines everything seamlessly for both users and admin personnel.

With user mobile apps and user web apps, all users are satisfied with their individual tools so that they can plan their own working day.

For facility management admin portal offers real-time insights on room types, lockers, desks, parkings and resource usage, aiding informed decisions for an optimal office environment.

Office managers and admins have full visibility and can easily make updates. Service bookings and resource allocations are streamlined with just a few clicks.

Desk Management

All employees plan and book their workspace for the day or the next week, and admins also allocate workspaces with Awaio Desk Management

They can easily discover what their team or colleague is planning, and reserve a space nearby. And with the final touch utilize digital wayfinding for quick navigation, workspace booking and finding workstation.

Meeting rooms

A mix of meeting rooms and other bookable or non bookable rooms are integrated with outlook and Microsoft Teams (MTR).

This making Awaio Room Booking the perfect solution for spontaneous meetings, quickly bookings with QR sign or scheduling meetings and rooms on the go.


Smart Parking

With a limited number of parking spaces Intrum wanted to simplify the process for employees to reserve a spot when they actually are at the office.

With Smart Parking employees now plan and book their parking spaces in advance, and administrators also have the ability to allocate parking spaces.

If employees is not coming to the office as planned, they release the parking spot with a simple click so others can use it.

Awaio Smart Locker

Awaio smart lockers provides users with flexibility to find, book, open, and share access via mobile, eliminating the management of keys, RFID cards, or combination locks.

Canteen and lunch

To avoid queues in the canteen during lunch, special times have been set up where employees can book times when there is free capacity and avoid queues in the canteen.

Digital wayfinding

With Digital Wayfinding Intrum employees has a live view of the office, and they can quickly find the best workplace today, maybe next to their favourite colleague.

Also perfect for finding the nearest meeting room or the closest coffee machine, toilets and printers. They also show important locations of AED, Emergency Exits and Fire extinguisher.


A better working day

The work life is changing, as we can witness. Our world is becoming more mobile and flexible, where both people and businesses can benefit from collaboration, growth, and environment change.

Space management with Awaio includes everything from efficient resource booking to the analysis of user patterns that optimize the office. Creating an environment that gradually and seamlessly adapts to the changing needs of the business while promoting productivity, well-being, and cost savings in the modern workplace.

In the new hybrid working life, Awaio has become the perfect match for Intrum.