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Complete digital service for over 900 office storage and lockers, no keys or RFID cards needed as Lund Municipality digitizes and transitions to activity-based work methods.

When the Municipality of Lund decided to transition to activity-based office environments within its properties, they faced the challenge of modernizing and digitizing office storage. To maintain their focus on environmental sustainability and reuse, they needed a solution that could be smoothly installed in both new and existing cabinets.

The old management of keys and RFID cards for office cabinets and lockers was inefficient and lacked crucial data on usage rates and battery status, limiting opportunities for optimizing office space and dynamic usage.

The Municipality of Lund chose to implement Awaio’s smart locker system. Approx 250 existing cabinets were upgraded from RFID locks to Awaio’s system, and over 650 new cabinets were installed with the smart locks. Furniture delivery and installation were flawlessly handled by Input Interiör Malmö.

By transitioning to Awaio’s smart locker system, the municipality eliminated the management of keys and RFID cards, while access to important data enables strategic planning and optimization of office space.

The decision to implement Awaio’s system underscored the municipality’s focus on sustainability and reuse by reusing and upgrading existing cabinets rather than completely replacing them.