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Office Resources

The Awaio workplace app allows you to manage, find and book all office resources such as: Quiet zones, collaboration areas, desks, cars, chargers, parking and much more as you see fit. The best part according to our customers is that everything is in the same app. All these small aspects that enhance creativity and performance in the hybrid work era.

The workplace app

The user-friendly office

Tired of trying to figure out the different working styles and designated areas in the office, such as quiet zones, private desks, or collaboration areas?

Take a deep breath, as everything you need is now easily accessible. Get a quick overview from anywhere and find the best resource for your needs.

Grab or plan

Check in ad-hoc or schedule the best place to work for a longer period of time.

Freedom, flexibility, and no fuzz.

No waste

Imagine a 100% scalable solution where you can pick the raisins out of the cookie and share and book anything you prefer without the need to invest in IT, gateways and sensors.

Get the benefits of reduced electricity costs, no maintenance and data on how, when and where people like to work.

A small investment to become an even more attractive employer and towards a net zero emission company


Parkings & Chargers

Pods & soft seatings

Pool cars, scooters & bikes

Simplifying Your Workday

The Awaio app allows you to share, find and book all office amenities.

Say goodbye to the stress and frustration of a traditional office and hello to our user-friendly space, designed to make your workday more enjoyable. With intuitive and time-saving features, you can focus on your tasks and leave the rest to us

Share office resources in no time

Awaio helps lower your costs by sharing your office. Together with Awaio, you manage your available office space, improve your company liquidity and give your employees a new perspective.

What does sustainability actually mean?

To us sustainable means several things. Above all, it is a circular perspective and using what already exists. No matter how one sees it, we are putting a strain on the environment when we build new buildings. That is why we want to rethink!

Start using Awaio in your office

Start sharing your office – a bit of sharing is better than no sharing.  We help you manage your space, as well as optimising it.

Desk booking

49/ month
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Up to 20 desks
  • Find your favorite colleague

Parkings, Bikes & more

4.9/ month
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Find, book & share

Office Map *

  • Instant overview of the office
  • Wayfinding
  • Setup from PDF or DWG

*  recommended

Frequently asked questions

How do I start sharing office resources?

It’s done in three steps: (1) Create your workplace community in the app, (2)add your meeting rooms, parking spaces or desks, (3)then invite users and start booking! You can also choose add-ons like integrations to Google or Microsoft Room Booking, add an Office map for easy way-finding, and order optional QR-code-signs or QR-stickers.

What is Awaio Locks?

Awaio Locks is a remarkable smart lock system that facilitates easier and more flexible office and space sharing. The Awaio app allows you to book, share, and open your locker.