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Congratulations Toca Boca on the Prize (2nd) for Sweden’s most stylish office 2022. We at Awaio are so happy to be part of your journey with our Workplace App!

Proud that Toca Boca has chosen Awaio Workplace App for their new fantastic Campus in Stockholm. With Awaio Workplace App employees can now easily find and book meeting rooms integrated with Google Workspace.

«personalized avatar«

240 Awaio Locks are installed with a mix of functions ex personal- & team-lockers. All this is also handled via Awaio Workplace App, so employees can easily book, open and share their lockers between employees. We love the personalized avatar on the lockers.

It’s also incredibly cool that you created your own parcel delivery solution with the help of Awaio Locks.

A mix of different zones and office resources is created for Toca Boca’s needs for collaboration, meetings, phone calls, focused work, discussions, reading, video meetings, rest, gaming area, conferences, learning etc. All zones and resources are tagged up the Awaio way, for the purpose of what the employee need to do, and with what equipment they need to complete the job.

Again, big thanks and congratulations from all of us at Awaio.

The Power of Play | Toca Boca