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Easy, environmentally friendly and cost-saving!

Statkraft has upgraded and digitized their existing office cabinets with Awaio Locks. After a short visit to the carpenter, the cabinets have returned with many new functions. This means that the old cabinets have been given renewed relevance and a longer lifespan.

Did you know that the reuse of one office cabinet corresponds to a reduction of approximately 79,2 kg of CO2 equivalents?

Awaio Locks is the first self-service locker lock system that also enables re use and installation in existing office cabinets. You can easily book, share, assign or re-assign a locker with the Awaio workplace app.

The system can easily be scaled and all settings are managed via a mobile app or web portal, making lost keys and cards a thing of the past. Awaio Locks is suitable for all type of spaces, from offices and schools to public areas, such as sports facilities and similar.

With the Awaio QR sticker, you easily hide old keyholes on the cabinet door.

Statkraft has more than 130 years of experience in producing what the world needs most of all today – renewable energy. Today, they are Europe’s largest supplier of renewable energy and a global player in energy trading.