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Mainstream Renewable Power have chosen Awaio for their new head office in the Aker Tech House, Oslo, Norway.

Awaio Locks are also installed in the personal lockers, wardrobes and charging cabinets for bicycle batteries.

With Awaios unique sharing platform, the various companies in the Aker Tech House can share, book and open common wardrobes and common charging cabinets for bicycle batteries in their individual Communities. Furthermore, the various companies can in their own communities find, book and share the essentials of the modern workplace. From rooms and desks to team and individual lockers with a complete overview of the availability.

Everything seamlessly and easily connected in the same solution.

Aker Tech House will be home to the world’s most innovative companies, a place where global talent comes together to shape the future on this dynamic campus. With its glass façade, indoor park and spectacular entrance with a sculptural staircase, Aker Tech House will provide the ideal environment to foster creative thinking and teamwork.

Some of the most exiting companies in the world will have their office here.

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