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We all remember them from our childhood, right? How we stuffed our faces with chocolate as we were cracking that yellow plastic shell into two, just to get in to the crappy little toy inside. Chocolate AND a toy. Could life get any better?

It turned out that it could. Nowadays, we have smartphones, apps, google watch and what not. Not so crappy anymore…. or wait a minute..

«Everything you need for a fun and simple work life you simply find in the awaio-app»

It might sond trivial but the awaio-team had the kinder egg in mind when we developed the awaio-app. As modern work life evolved, the real estate industry struggled to keep up. Because of the lack of adequate technology, in combination with lack of understing the new era of hybrid work, we’ve stagnated.

We still need that same feeling of never-ending surprises and fun. So in a way, Awaio is kinder egg for grown-ups. When opening the awaio app you enter the world of easy, simple, accessible way of life. You get the chocolate and the toy.

Whether you start sharing your office with Awaio In-House, Awaio Market or the full-scale Awaio Hybrid (combination of both), everything you need for a fun work life you simply find in the awaio-app. 

With Awaio you get your very own kinder egg, every time you are going to work.