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KLP have also chosen Awaio Locks for their office in Bergen, Norway.

Now they can easily book, share, assign or re-assign a locker with a simple click, without the need for manual administration.

Awaio Locks is the digital lock system for office storage and cabinets, tailored for activity-based and hybrid offices.

Easily installed in existing or new cabinets.

No keys, RFID cards, padlocks, combination locks, or tags required. No need for power, IT integration, or cables.

Provides users with flexibility to find, book, open, and share access via mobile, eliminating the management of keys, RFID cards, or combination locks.

Complete digital overview of usage and availability online. Digital administration streamlines maintenance and administrative costs by up to 95%

reality with *non smart locks.

  • Manual administration and maintenance.
  • 40% of the cabinets are inactive and not in regular use.
  • Equal to o,5m2 of unused space
  • No data or space management insights


  • 100% overview of usage
  • 90% admin savings by self service
  • 46% reduced purchase over time
  • Reduced footprint through circular usage

About KLP

KLP started as a joint venture of small municipalities across the country. Today, we are Norway’s largest pension company. We are a different financial company, because our customers own us. All our value creation benefits the customers. Our most important job is to ensure that our owners’ employees receive the pension they are entitled to.

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