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Your office solution - smart lockers - digital wayfinding - desk management - room booking - parking - Insights & data - workplace communication

The hybrid working solution

Smart Lockers

Digital locker lock system, tailored for hybrid offices.

Provides users with flexibility to find, book, and share access via smartphone, eliminating the need for key management, RFID cards, or code locks.

Effortless installation in both existing and new cabinets significantly reduces maintenance and administrative costs by 95%

Room booking

Don’t waste money on digital displays and high installation fees, when the best screen is in your pocket! We’ve got you covered with everything you need for a state of the art room booking system, no tablets, cables, or gateways required.

Space Management

No more frustrated people running around the office looking for an available working spot. Empower your users by letting them book their working spot before they arrive to work. Add QR-codes for easy check-in or assign a fixed desk.

qr kod
kontor planlösning


Don’t waste time on group e-mails. Reach out and highlight info around your workplace.

  • Office News
  • Workplace Guides
  • Events & large meetings
  • App or Web-Links


Imagine having a complete real-time overview of all available resources and spaces.

Find, navigate, and book the best available workspace with just a few clicks, no matter where you are.

awaio wayfinding

Welcome to Awaio


A hybrid platform for the entire office. A complete real-time overview to plan, find, and book rooms, desks, cabinets, and everything else.

office buildings

The platform seamlessly allows sharing resources among tenants. Plan, book, find, and share access - Smart, circular, and scalable

Office hubs

Create your own local office hub and promote networking, business, and contribute to reduced commuting.

shared community

Share furnished office space with other companies, invite each other and enhance collaboration.
Circularity at its best, saves money and the planet.

Optimize your office

Tailor your office based on actual needs and usage patterns, optimizing where necessary.

With real-time insights into presence, behavior, and occupancy, you gain full control over the dynamics of the office.

Access a unique platform that facilitates strategic decisions, optimizes resource utilization, and leads to cost savings.”


Hybrid work and circular economy are in symbiosis.

Give employees the freedom to work and book resources as needed, a natural path for circular use of office resources.

A sustainable and intelligent workplace that attracts talent.

Eco-friendly solution

Reduce electronic waste, lower energy consumption, and optimize resource usage with QR code systems and a digital platform.

  • 100% scalability
  • No footprint for gateways, sensors, and digital displays.
  • Significant savings in procurement and installation
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance
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“We wanted to create an attractive office without any unnecessary costs, and where employees, customers and partners can easily come and work.”

Bengt Boissier, Agreat

Own branding

Make your office virtual and inspiring!

Attract existing and future talents by creating your own workplace solution.

Promote and highlight the workplace atmosphere.


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