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An open marketplace for people looking for workplaces.

Awaio Market 


The market is where you find, book and share your office. The Market is tailored to your personal needs. You can easily find a workplace that suits you,  regardless of what your task is or where you are working.
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How does it work?


It’s simple, really. Anyone who wants to share some of the space in their company’s premises, can create an ad in the Awaio app and publish their workspace availability in The Market. This is also where those who need a workplace can book whatever suits them best. The total cost is shown in the app – there are no hidden fees. Once booked, you will have instant access to the workplace. Get inspired by the change of scenery and meeting new people. Get a worklife that is adapted to you.

Become a host


The Market is for companies, small and large, who want to broaden their horizons whilst contributing to a more sustainable way of working – for the environment and for the employees. By making unused areas available in The Market, companies contribute to sustainability by using existing resources in a whole new way. At the same time, becoming a host is an excellent way to generate extra revenue off resources that are already available. Being a host in the Awaio app requires a small stake but can yield a big dividend.

It’s a deal


You won’t just find the nearest workspace in the Awaio-app, but you can also find Awaio deals! Different companies have different deals at any given time. Try workplaces with different combos: why not add some really good coffee, tasty lunch buffet or drinks after work, to your workday? Don’t forget to drop an invite to a friend, so you can meet up at your workplace.

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