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Awaio Locks

Awaio Locks is a unique digital lock system, which makes the sharing of offices and spaces easier and more flexible. You can book, share and open your locker with the Awaio app.

Awaio Locks

Mobile is key

No more lost keys or tags – unlock the lockers with the app. Everything is at the tip of your fingers and easy managed with Awaio Locks.

Grab or plan

Book your storage locally or schedule your favourite locker for a longer period of time. Freedom on your terms with Awaio Locks – get started today. Book at meeting with our team to learn more.

Share storage

Store your personal belongings or share lockers with co-workers. Making easy day hassle-free with Awaio Locks.

Simple installation

Log on to your existing Awaio account and get access to a simple guide for setting up your lock. Awaio Locks is simple, easy and doesn’t require any additional IT-integration.

Free up resources

You can start using the lock as soon as we’ve installed it. There is no need for extra administration, keys or tags once the lock has been installed.

Usage and maintenance

Awaio Locks gives you information about the lockers in real-time. You can find and book storage locally or remotely. Awaio locks is battery driven and is integrated in the app
via bluetooth.

Part of the Awaio Ecosystem

With our app, we facilitate the sharing of offices and if you get Awaio Locks, you can also share lockers with your colleagues and members. The locks are shared and booked in the awaio app.

Smart Locker Lock System

Since physical storage is a necessary component of both the office and daily life, we created a smart lock specifically for the Awaio app to improve the sharing process. Once the lock is installed, you won’t need to go to another platform to share offices or access storage — everything is done within the app. Our locks are simple to install in your current workplace or can be integrated right away when designing a new workspace.

Get started

A unique locker lock system

Awaio Locks is a unique locker lock system for your offices and workspaces. Book, share and open your locker with the Awaio app.


What does sustainability actually mean?

When we talk about our smart locker lock systems, we’re actually talking about environmentally friendly ways to enable your new storage units and reuse existing ones. Above all, it adopts a circular viewpoint and makes use of what is already in place. No matter how one looks at it, when we construct new office storage units, we are putting a strain on the ecosystem. We want to rethink this at Awaio.

Start using Awaio in your office

Get Awaio locks for your office – a bit of sharing is better than no sharing.  We’ll help you manage your storage space, and optimising it.

FAQ Awaio Locks

How do I get started?

Contact our team at Awaio to get started. We will evaluate your project and draw up a unique solutions that fits your storage needs. You can contact our team here:

How do we install it?

We use certified installers in our network to give you the best possible experience. You can also install the locks yourself. Contact our team at Awaio to learn more: