Awaio Locks

Awaio Locks is a unique digital
lock system, which makes the
sharing of offices and spaces
easier and more flexible.
You can book, share and
open your locker with
the awaio app.

Awaio Locks Highlights

With the awaio app, you can share your office and storage facilities with your colleagues,
members and other persons in your network. 

Mobile is key

No more lost keys or tags
– unlock the lockers with
the app. 

Grab or plan

Book your storage locally or  schedule your favorite locker for a longer period of time.

Share storage

Store your personal belongings or share lockers with


Log on to your existing Awaio account and get access to a simple guide for setting up your lock. Awaio Locks is simple, easy and doesn’t require any additional IT-integration.



You can start using the lock as soon as we’ve installed it. There is no need for extra administration, keys or tags once the lock has been installed.



Awaio Locks gives you information about the lockers in real-time. You can find and book storage locally or remotely. Awaio locks is battery driven and is integrated in the app
via bluetooth.



With our app, we facilitate the sharing of offices and if you get Awaio Locks, you can also share lockers
with your colleagues and members. The locks are shared and booked in the awaio app.

Awaio Locks – a smart lock 

In the awaio app, you can share the office’s different functions like work spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms, car pools, auditoriums and other spaces through software. Because physical storage is a natural part of the workplace and everyday life, we developed a digital lock exclusively for the awaio app, to make the sharing process even smarter and more flexible. Once the lock is installed, you’ll easily be able to share offices and get access to storage without the need to switch to another platform – everything is done in the app! Our locks are easy to install in your existing office or can be integrated from the start when you are decorating your new office.