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Awaio workplace

We make it easy for you to collaborate with colleagues and your team while reserving your favorite spots.

With Awaio, you can easily plan, find, and book various resources, ranging from meeting rooms, workspaces, parking spaces, to lockers.

hybrid workspace

Space management

Space management includes everything from efficient resource booking to the analysis of user patterns that optimize the office.

Create an environment that gradually and seamlessly adapts to the changing needs of the business while promoting productivity, well-being, and cost savings in the modern workplace

Find colleagues & teams

A single platform across every team to share work, communicate and to collaborate.

  • Communicate, collaborate and interact.
  • Network and find colleagues.
  • Collaborate with your Team and favorite individuals.
  • Remote & on site.
  • Communicate directly in multiple forums

Find and book

One platform for all teams to book, share, and manage resources circularly and sustainably.

  • Plan your day or upcoming week.
  • Where is an available workspace for me?
  • I need a parking spot to charge my car.
  • Is there a place where I can charge my bike battery?
  • Where is an open meeting room?
  • Find, book, and access my personal locker or wardrobe.

Realtime communication

Share and deliver information to keep employees, teams, and individuals informed.

Offer access to news, notifications, guides, and upcoming events. Highlight lectures, internal social events, or important visits

data & insight

Embracing new rules for hybrid work.

  • Identify peak days and manage occupancy efficiently.
  • Assess the necessity of desks and storage space.
  • Simplify real-time visibility of availability.
  • Understand the demand for various resources like rooms, lockers, and desks.
  • Balance quiet zones with spaces for teamwork and interaction.
  • Gain insights for informed decisions in creating a workplace that attracts, streamlines, and enhances well-being.

Boost your office 

Who’s at the office?

Easy to see who has checked in at the office. Add your team members – “favorites” and start to collaborate on-site.

See what’s available and book

Find and/or book any office resource on the map. The map indicates what’s available. Any resource can be highlighted.

Book with a click

Find & book available desks, meeting rooms or storages with and click & share it with your colleagues.

Your personal planner

With your Awaio planner it easy to get an overview of your plans. You can even integrate your planner with your personal calendar in Google or Microsoft 365.

Why share your workplace?

Today, one of the major expenses for many businesses is office rent. When utilizing the Awaio platform companies can ensure that their offices are managed more effectively, giving them the opportunity to both save and make money.

You can invite people that you trust to book available, unused furnished office space  in your community. Allowing others to use your workspace will help you save money.

Invite others to your community

With the help of Awaio, existing space can be modified to meet various demands. Why let empty rooms for meetings, workspaces, or other spaces go to waste? Increase your network by inviting others in to your office community and get contribution to the rent.

The work life is changing, as we can witness. Where one works is getting less and less significant, or maybe it’s more significant than ever? Our world is becoming more mobile and flexible, where both people and businesses can benefit from collaboration, growth, and environment change. Shouldn’t our workplaces reflect this? In our opinion, yes.

Get started

Share your office

By sharing your office, Awaio assists in reducing your expenses. You may better manage your available office space, increase company liquidity, and provide your staff with fresh ideas while working with Awaio.


What does sustainability actually mean?

Sustainable implies many different things to us. Above all, it adopts a circular perspective and makes use of what is already in place. No matter how one looks at it, when we construct new structures, we are putting a strain on the ecosystem. We want to imagine the future and make it available sooner rather than later.

Start using Awaio in your office

Start sharing your office – a bit of sharing is better than no sharing.  We help you manage and optimising it.

FAQ about our workplace app

How do I get started with Awaio?

It’s done in three steps: (1) Create your workplace community in the app, (2)add your meeting rooms, parking spaces or desks, (3)then invite users and start booking! You can also choose add-ons like integrations to Google or Microsoft Room Booking, add an Office map for easy way-finding, and order optional QR-code-signs or QR-stickers. Learn more

Why should I share my workplace?

Today, one of the major expenses for many businesses is office rent. Awaio utilizes existing office space and ensures that buildings are managed more effectively, giving businesses the chance to both save money and gain money. Sharing also makes our social lives richer and fosters our personal growth. In addition, by giving your staff the option of a more flexible work schedule, you will improve your relationship with them. Contact our team to get started:

What is sustainability for Awaio?

Sustainable signifies a variety of things to us. Above all, it is a circular approach and uses what is already in place. Regardless of one’s perspective, when we construct new structures, we put a pressure on the ecosystem. You can learn more about our “why” here: